Fluid bed equipment- Fluid bed dryers

Most definitely, the average consumer has never heard of them. However, fluid bed dryers have established themselves as reliable and multi-functional processors in the world of bulk processing. They can accomplish a variety of critical tasks.

As their name suggests, fluid bed dryers are used to dry materials like granules, tablets, powders, pesticides, and plastics. In manufacturing industries such as Chemical, Pharma, Food, Dairy, Metallurgical, and Colorants, they are particularly popular.


Fluid bed dryers work on the fluidization principle, a process that introduces hot gas or air into the spaces between solid particles. As the air velocity increases, the upward forces on the particles rise, allowing them to balance the gravitational forces below.

There is a state of fluidization as the particles in what appears to be a boiling liquid bed are suspended. -particle is in direct contact with the hot gas or air and is surrounded by it, providing an effective and consistent drying process.


Although fluidized bed drying can be used in a variety of industries, it may have its most significant impact on pharmaceutical products. Fluid bed drying technology has replaced the conventional drying process in trays, resulting in significantly shorter drying times along with consistent drying conditions.

Fluid bed dryers provide the best solution within the pharmaceutical industry to dry many products, but particularly drugs. The inlet air temperature can be regulated with the system to evaporate the appropriate amount of moisture from the granule surface. An inlet air temperature that is too high may result in a surface crust that prevents transportation to the surface of deeper moisture, slowing rather than accelerating the drying process.

If you want to invest in a fluid bed dryer machine, bear in mind all the features that are important to you and do not compromise. Remember everything possible in a processor with a standard fluid bed:

  • Heat transfer with minimum energy usage.
  • Mega-functional: competent of heating, drying, cooling, coating and much more. 
  • Flexible to constant shifting and drying. 
  • Vibration to help in processing. 
  • It is produced from stainless steel, carbon steel or nickel alloy.
  • Custom made to meet individual wants. 
  • Easy to maintain

Bhagwati fluid bed dryers have all the characteristics mentioned above, and you will be assisted by professional engineers to design, maintain and operate your equipment for active, optimum performance. Wherever you are, we will help you in creating a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

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