Liquid Syrup Processing

A liquid manufacturing plant is a machine employed for the production of liquid syrups and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. The liquid manufacturing plant includes a container for the movement of liquid sugar, tank storage, and a vacuum system. The factory for the production of syrup is configured with control panels and pumps for transfer. The machine is also regarded as the manufacturing plant for liquid syrup as it is explicitly made for liquid substance preparation. The plant design for the production of syrup is so flexible that it can be operated very quickly by a single person, which helps the company to save labor costs. The sugar syrup production plant is also outfitted with a heating and cooling system.

Liquid Manufacturing Plant CONSISTS:

  • Sugar Melting Vessel
  • Pre-filtration unit
  • Syrup Manufacturing Vessel
  • Filtration unit
  • Storage Vessel
  • Control Panel
  • Product Piping
  • Working Platform



The sugar and water are filled into the vessel with a vacuum system. It is then mixed well with a high-speed stirrer and electrical heating. The sugar syrup is produced at the required heat and then transported by vacuum or through a transfer pump to the manufacturing vessel. The liquid transfer pump distributes the syrup formed after the formation of the emulsion. The storage vessel is connected to the filling machine’s liquid transfer pump. The liquid filling machine in the glass ampoules or bottles then fills the liquid produced.

Salient features:

  • Vibration-free vessel for sugar syrup
  • Fittings and pipes are made of stainless steel 316
  • Electroplated Pipes and accessories provide a longer shelf life.
  • Equipped with online sugar syrup pre-filter
  • Low maintenance because of no coupling in the drive assembly
  • It saves labor costs, as only one operator and helper needed for operation.
  • Limpet coils to efficiently manage the heating and cooling process
  • Gaskets are made up of silicon

Technical Specifications

  • Conform to CGMP standard
  • Available in 500 liters to 1500 liters capacity
  • Equipped with online sugar syrup pre-filter
  • Operated by a centralized working panel by one operator
  • The manufacturing unit is implemented with CIP & SIP system.
  • Inlet and terminal joints are fitted with tri-clover fittings

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