Mixer for Solids – Dry & Wet

The mixing professionals are the mixing equipment manufacturers in the process manufacturing culture, as they understand how various blades, speeds, mixer designs and bowl shapes interact during the mixing process with multiple types of materials. There are almost as many different types of mixing as there are to be mixed products–from manufacturing effluent lubricants milk homogenization, Pharma mixing, industrial mixers operate differently to achieve seamless blending.

Below are a few different mixers available at Shree Bhagwati, along with the other mixers.


High Shear Mixer Granulator series is defined by sleek design, contemporary design and all user-friendly and maintenance attributes that make up the ergonomic design elements that are crucial for a wide range of applications.

The High Shear Mixer Granulator achieves dry mixing & wet granulation through the basic design of the mixing impeller’s unique four-arm mixing phase sequences. The mixing is done in the cylindrical mixing drum with rounded attachment to the base plate, creating another special effect. 

The mixing phase is carried out in the volume of the mixing product without varying pressure zone. Separately powered multiple choppers, in particular when adding liquid or paste components, will effectively exacerbate the mixing result. To achieve the desired structure, the HSMG system requires only small amounts of granulating liquid or pastes. It decreases the amount of energy needed for drying.


The mass mixer is made up of a rigid motor, gearbox, mixing drum, stirrer and tilting unit. To ensure that no black particles penetrate the mixing drum, specially designed self-adjusting sealing mechanism of unique design is given. The substance under the mixing process can be tracked by means of acrylic dust cover and dusting and contamination controls. The tilting system is provided to make the material easy to unload, and the mixing drum easy to clean.


The Paddle Mixer Blender is engineered for homogeneously wet & dry mixing. Blending technology provides the perfect environment for efficiently mixing a wide distribution of particle size and high volume without segregation of powder, granular, short fibered, wet solids and fluids along with tanned substances up to and including strongly acidic masses in the drug, chemical, herbal, skincare, food, insecticides, cleaning products, and polymers industries.


Drum / Barrel mixer is the primary instrument used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Drum mixers are extremely efficient mixing devices that are used for powder mixing. Such mixers have revolving gallon drums to mix sand. The method of mixing includes putting the material into the drum, which is sealed in a hoop and then rotated.

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