Fluid Bed Coater Wurster Coater, Pellet Coater

Fluid Bed Coater Wurster Coater, Pellet Coater

Fluid Bed Coater Wurster Coater – Pellet Coater from the range of Shree Bhagwati Mechtech (India) Pvt. Ltd helps when there is a need for pellets and granules coating drying of heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive products in the industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Dairy, Food, to name a few. Get the top quality Wurster Coater from us at an affordable price.


SHEE BHAGWATI Mutifunctional Fluidized Bed  combines the top spray granulating ,drying , bottom spray coating and tangent spray pelleting,coating etc. into one unit in pharmaceutical,chemical industry,foodstuffs etc.



All products which can be fluidized e.g. powder, granules, extrudates, pellets etc. are homogeneously mixed in the Jinggong fluid bed process unit. By using special air flow (horizontal , radial and tangential ) to make the mixing prfect.

All products which can be fluidized up.

Powdery products. By spraying of binders nearly every requested granules can be produced.


  • With high efficiency, spray granulating could be accomplished within 60-120 minutes
  • WURSTER coating system makes the pellets only contact with the atomizing area to improve the speed and uniformity of coating.
  • centrifugal rotary disc technology and heating air for tangent spray to make pellets directly from power
  • These three function to be conducted in the closed machine so as to prevent the dust polluting the workshop.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel SS316,SS314 that will not react chemically with the material.
  • Operate easily, and can set many groups of parameters
  • Anti-explosion,2bar,10bar,12bar can be chosen toguarantee Safety.
  • Dehumidification system and WIP online cleaning system are optional
  • can print and record operation parameters under the control of PLC and HMI.