( Milling And Size Reduction ) Cone Mill

( Milling And Size Reduction ) Cone Mill

Cone Mill finds its use in various industries where the larger lumps, be it wet or dry is to be reduced in size for better and easy sifting. They help the particles to achieve its uniform size using the principle of centrifugal acceleration.


Cone mill is used for achieving de-lumping, dispersion, De agglomeration, fine grinding, dry and wet milling uniform size reduction, sieving and mixing in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, personal care and cosmetics industries.

The product is poured into the feed hopper of the Cone Mill. In the conical screen chamber, a rotating impeller imparts a vortex flow pattern to the in feed product. The product is forced outward to the screen surface by centrifugal acceleration, ensuring continuous delivery into the “action zone” between the screen and impeller. No heating of product during granulation / sizing operation, due to better air circulation and lesser impact action. In the “action zone” the material is uniformly sized and instantaneously passed tangentially through the screen openings. The finished product is discharged at the bottom of the milling chamber.


  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316L & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • High speed milling, granulating, mixing and size reduction.
  • Available in three model with different capacity for production scale.
  • Uniform size reduction of wet material.
  • Cone blade with cone type sieve for size reduction.
  • AC frequency variable speed 100 to 1400 RPM.
  • Easy removable contact parts for cleaning, inspection and easy Mobility.
  • Various combinations of perforated sieves.


  • Belt less Drive.
  • Inline milling process with HSMG, FBD , Blender and Sifter.
  • Flame Proof electrical.


  • Limit switch at charging & Discharge hopper.
  • Over load protection.


Bhagwati -250
Bhagwati -500
Bhagwati -750
Output Kg / Hour
250 Kg / Hour
500 Kg / Hour
750 Kg / Hour
Rotor Drive
Cone Type
Cone Type
Cone Type
Screen Span
250 mm
400 mm
520 mm
Electric Power
5 HP / 3.75 Kw
7.5 HP / 5.62 Kw
10 HP / 7.5 Kw
50 to 1400 RPM by VFD
50 to 1400 RPM by VFD
50 to 1400 RPM by VFD