Why should your industry switch to Bin loader?

In this age of new technology being developed every day, it’s fundamental and necessary, to be honest, to change with the flow and accept new changes. Every country is changing its patterns so our industries must change concerning time.

In every industry, significant changes were taking place for better and progressive results concerning time. We at Liquid Mixing Plant have switched to the latest technology with a bin loader machine and do like to share that there is a good growth being observed.


The significant features of bin loader machine are as follows:-

  1. Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  2. All contact parts AISI 316/316L & non-contact parts AISI 304.
  3. Capacity available from 30 Kg to 600 Kg.
  4. Universal bin handling and stacking system for secure automated handling and stacking of bins
  5. Charging through the top opening.
  6. They are discharging through a bottom discharge butterfly valve.
  7. Without any nooks and corners for easy cleaning with food-grade silicone gaskets
  8. Mirror finish from inside and adequate hopper angle for easy and complete discharge of products
  9. Option for various types of IPC Bin as per customer requirements.


Bin (IPC) is a container made from SS 316 sheets having cylindrical Body and taper bottom. A lid is provided on top. The cover is significant so that complete washing the IPC is easy. The Bin is seated on a detachable stand or fixed leg made of SS 304 pipe stand, which is having forelegs and each leg is fitted with a heavy-duty castor wheel of a unique design. It further has ball bearing and SS side frame (2 nos. fixed and 2 Nos swivelling).

Bin (IPC) is used for handling, storing, transporting and mixing of pharmaceutical powders and granules before, between and after various processes.

We are the leading bin loader manufacturer in India, and we produce the strongest and durable, and you can buy bin loader machines from us and other products like bin lifter machine. We provide the most affordable devices at the best price, with quality being the prime concern.